Explore the Integrated Space Plan

The 2017 Integrated Space Plan and 2017 Students' Integrated Space Plan is available now!

Fulfilling our 2017 Kickstarter, we have completed the new 2017 edition of the Integrated Space Plan, and the first Student's Integrated Space Plan posters. In addition to updating dozens of the essential components of humankind's expansion into space, the plan has been improved with a new cleaner, easier to read style.

Reducing the size to the more common 27 x 39 inches (about 69 x 99 centimeters) and moving some of the additional content to a second sheet, we were able to reduce the cost and thus the price!

Click on the image to see the posters online

Click on the 'ISP Store' menu item to order one, two, five of either the ISP or the Student's ISP - or get both!

Note - until we install clickable links into the new ISP, if you want to see more detail about the ISP elements follow This Link to the 2015 version.