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2017 Integrated Space Plan Kickstarter Success!

Integrated Space Plan logoOur campaign for the new edition of the Integrated Space Plan was a success! We've already been working on the updates with new data, a new professional design and a new "Kids" version. Thanks to all for your support for this project. We will also continue expanding the Integrated Space Plan website, with several new features and - most importantly - progress to making it a powerful research tool with dynamic interactive analysis tools. Our true purpose is to provide accurate, up to date, reliable information for industry, financial, academic, and individual researchers as well as a resource for education of all ages.

The Integrated Space Plan for 2015

Integrated Space Plan four by six inch

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Click on the image to see the complete Integrated Space Plan, and click on any element to learn more about anything in Spaaace!

The Plan is a work in progress. Following our successful 2017 funding campaign, we are working on the next version. Please register on the site and join us in revising, improving, and expanding the data. We are continuing to add new capabilities to the site. With the help of our sponsors, supporters, experts, and you we are expanding the system rapidly, with major new research and visualization features introduced regularly.

Thanks again to our many sponsors and Kickstarter backers, including the National Space Society, the Space Frontier Foundation, and Into Mystery (see their Kickstarter project).