Integrated Space Analytics


Welcome to Integrated Space Analytics, provider of the Integrated Space Plan, and other services to the space community.  Integrated Space Analytics LLC provides space-related data and analysis for both business and educational purposes. ISA produces and publishes the Integrated Space Plan, a comprehensive visual representation of the present and anticipated future path of space development. The Integrated Space Plan is updated as events change, and is available publicly in a digital version on the ISA website. It is also available as an annually updated high-quality printed poster that is ideal for space professionals, space enthusiasts, educators and schools.

We have been fortunate to have achieved a successful Kickstarter campaign to build a new version of the Integrated Space Plan, with the support of Space Finance Group and our many Kickstarter backers.  The project took much longer than we had hoped, but in the process we were able to enlist the support of a talented team from 212Box, a well-respected design firm, so the new poster has reached a higher level of design quality.

Now we are beginning to build the new website, which will soon include a viewable version of the poster with links to information about every element.  We will continue to make improvements to the site as time and resources are available.  (We are looking for volunteers!)

We are also fortunate to begin receiving assistance from volunteers in the digital and space communities.  If you are interested in participating, first register on the site, then use the Contact Us form to let us know.

Thanks again to all our Kickstarter Backers, our Contributors, and our Sponsors!