The Team


Integrated Space Analytics was created out of a recognized need to promote space development by reviving the famous Integrated Space Plan. The founding team agreed to expand the ISP from a printed poster into a live resource, showing the results of the analytics and data collection in new advanced visualizations. The project has benefited from substantial assistance by contributors and advisers from throughout the space development community - and not least by the substantial faith and support of our Kickstarter backers.



Space Finance Group LLC is focused on helping space organizations raise the funds they need and operate successfully. Founded in 2012 at the National Space Society's ISDC conference, SFG has assisted new space companies with business plan development, and has helped space organizations raise funds through crowdfunding campaigns. The company participated as a volunteer sponsor for the Space Frontier Foundation's annual Business Plan Competition, giving advice to the top five finalists. SFG is working to help investors participate in space equity opportunities, and is the initial funder of Integrated Space Analytics LLC. Mail to SFG(link sends e-mail)



Gary Bickford (CTO) has combined long term professional involvement in advanced technology startup companies and applied research institutions with a lifelong interest in space and belief in the future of humans in space. He has founded or co-founded multiple high tech startups, including one that achieved listing on the American Stock Exchange with a valuation of over $225,000,000. In that startup he worked on projects for companies including Martin Marietta, General Electric, and McDonnell Douglas. He later was a Project Scientist in the Visual Understanding Lab at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute and Control Systems Manager for Red Whittaker's RedZone Robotics, managing development of a robotics controller for Westinghouse Nuclear. Mr. Bickford believes that the companies who participate in the early stages of commercial and private space development today will be the core institutions for the future of humans in space. Mr. Bickford has recently made early stage investments in space technology startups. 


Ron Jones (Space Architect) is best known in the space community as the developer of the original Integrated Space Plan in the late 1980s. He is an aerospace professional with 25 years of experience primarily at NASA, Martin Marietta, Rockwell, and Boeing. He worked on the Space Shuttle and Space Exploration Initiative in addition to various military programs. In addition to his position at Boeing he also serves as Deputy Program Manager of BioSpace Experiments. He has also participated extensively in the National Space Society and the Planetary Society. 


Steven G. Jorgenson (CFO) is co-founder and managing member of the Viridian Fund, where he has been the Portfolio Manager since its inception. Prior to his role at Viridian, Steven was Portfolio Manager for Guardian Atlantic Investments. and as an Account Manager for fixed income trading at Ronin Capital. Steven began his career working on the trading floors of the Chicago Board of Trade(CBOT), the Chicago Board Options Exchange(CBOE), and as a Member of the Chicago Stock Exchange. In addition to his role at Viridian, Steven is also the Founder and Investment Advisor Representative for Fifth Point Advisors, LLC, and is an advocate for the commercial space industry in his role as a Partner at Space Finance Group Holdings LLC. He is an active analyst, advisor, and angel investor in cutting-edge technology companies. Email Steven Jorgenson(link sends e-mail) or phone (941) 201-3375 x 703(link sends e-mail)


Jay Wittner (CEO) serves as President of Kickstarter Coaching and is a Founding Partner of the Space Finance Group and Integrated Space Analytics. He has been a member of the National Space Society and other space advocacy groups since 1986. He served three terms on the NSS Board of Directors during which he was Vice President of Membership and a member of the Executive Committee. His financial support of NSS was recognized by a permanent appointment to the Buzz Aldrin Council. Since graduating from Emory University Business School with a degree in Finance, Mr. Wittner has worked in and consulted on numerous industries including: crowdfunding, investing, jewelry, non-profits, real estate, retail, and space. Email to sends e-mail), or phone (941) 201-3375 x 700