Our Mission


Integrated Space Analytics LLC is a business analytics company for space-related industry. In addition to analytics we are also working to recreate, update and maintain a new Integrated Space Plan derived from the one originally produced by Ron Jones 20 years ago. We will publish this Plan as both a printed poster inspired by the original, and as a live, interactive website.

Our Vision

  • Recreate / update and maintain a new Integrated Space Plan derived from the one originally produced by Ron Jones 20 years ago
  • Using a variety of sources including Linked Data, crowdsourced data, online and provided data, and internally produced analysis, build a business analytics resource for space-related industry
  • Maintain, publish, and provide the data collected for industry participants, investors, and other professional clients
  • Provide advanced visualizations based on the data collected, as the new live online version of the ISP, for public education and inspiration
  • Continue to produce occasional printed editions of the ISP, tracking the changes and advances in the space development community.

Our Mission

The updated Plan will be in two forms:

  • an updated poster and wall chart with new editions produced periodically using the latest data;
  • an interactive web-based visualization and analysis system and online community.

The Poster/chart will provide a comprehensive overview of the entire future plan, based on predictions of future space developments from a variety of sources. Many aspects of the ISP have changed due to technological advances, commercial activities, and changes in government policies.

The web system will use an advanced visualization interface that will allow users to navigate through the linked data set, drilling down into the data to acquire more detail and use provided tools to view a variety of visual analytics such as correlations among different aspects of the data. It will have public and non-public (internal and paid client) components.

The data will be collected by a variety of means:

  • collected directly from businesses and institutions about themselves;
  • crowdsourced using volunteers, educational institutions and our own paid personnel
  • publicly available data from media, government, and other sources
  • paid data feeds, e.g. Nexis-Lexis

The business will be supported by paid subscription services, website-related revenues, project contracts, and grants for research or support. The public component will be supported by advertising, corporate and other sponsorships, and thematic merchandise including posters, mugs, shirts, etc. Occasional crowdfunding efforts like the original ISP Kickstarter may also be used.  The non-public component and the analytics behind the system will be supported by internal use and licensing of the advanced platform (Software As A Service) to academic, commercial, financial, and government institutions.  We will also pursue government grants for research, to support our public engagement and crowdsourcing activities, and to maintain information resources, and corporate grants and sponsorships.

It is anticipated that various financial entities will be subscribers in the long run, as commercial space activities continue to experience rapid growth.

Our Values

As with every member of the Space Finance Group family of companies, Integrated Space Analytics will promote commercial and private space development and related activities in a practical, ethical, and responsible manner through its analytics work and the presentation of information to the public and its SAAS clients.

Just as ISA will collect data from other online sources, we will also participate in sharing a variety of data with others using the Linked Data / Semantic Web+- technology.

Some data will be kept private for various reasons, including:

  • commercial - data and analytical tools available only to licensees pursuant to contract;
  • confidentiality - by reasonable request, privacy, or for other sound reasons such as temporary embargoed pre-IPO information provided under NDA;
  • competitive - data used internally and not made available to competitors;
  • government or legal requirements.

Website user information may be collected by the website, for various purposes including user login and input. The user will have the option to control visibility of most data. Data not made public by the user will be kept private from all sources outside ISA except the following.  (Note: this is an overview, not a commitment.  Please see the Privacy statement for ISA's definitive practice):

  • by permission pursuant to the website privacy statement and terms of use statement
  • according to web form selections or other statements of permission by the user;
  • as required for proper running of the site and providing its services;
  • according to legal requirements.