Launch Vehicle

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Vulcan (ULA)

"The NGLS will have an American engine, will offer the best value and with the introduction of the Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage (ACES) it will have greater capability than any other rocket on the market.

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"The H3 Launch Vehicle is an expendable launch system in development in Japan.

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Man-Rated Atlas V

"The official effort to begin the process of certifying Atlas V for human missions began in 2010, when NASA awarded ULA $6.7 million to accompany its own $1.3 m

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Falcon 9 v 1.0

The Falcon 9 v1.0 was the first member of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle family, designed and manufactured by SpaceX in Hawthorne, California.

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The Zenit-3SLB or Zenit-3M is a Ukrainian expendable carrier rocket derived from the Zenit-2SLB.

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Long March 5

Published You Tube 8/17/15

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Orion Test Flight on Delta 4 Heavy

Published You Tube 4/27/15

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Orion-MPCV (Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle)

Published You Tube 3/31/16

"NASA’s Orion spacecraft is built to take humans farther than they’ve ever gone before. Orion will serve as the exploration vehicle that will carry the crew to space, provide emergency abort capability, sustain the crew during the space travel, and provide safe re-entry from deep space return velocities. Orion will launch on NASA’s new heavy-lift rocket, the Space Launch System." - NASA

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Proton M

Published You Tube 7/11/11

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Reusable Falcon Heavy with Methane Engines

Published You Tube 6/26/15


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