What is the Integrated Space Plan?

What is the Integrated Space Plan?

In the late 1980s, an Integrated Space Plan (ISP) was developed to give a visual representation showing how the major space infrastructure elements fit together (see image below, and follow the link). The original plan by Ron Jones at Rockwell International adorned many walls at research institutions, universities, and aerospace companies, and even the wall of the NASA administrator’s office. We understand that a few copies of the ISP are still to be found on the walls of some NASA Field Centers.

Excerpt from original Integrated Space Plan 4.0, 1997

As can be seen by the list of contributors and supporters in the 4.0 version, many well-known experts in space, including astronauts such as Buzz Aldrin, and also science fiction and fact authors, helped provide useful inforemation to the original plan.  Even today while many aspects have been superceded by events, the detailed linkages between different elements of space activity have not been matched by any other document.

Over time, Mr. Jones revised the plan, culminating in the 4.0 edition in 1997, of which this image is an excerpt.  Click on the image to see the PDF of that version.  For more than a decade that was the last version, as Mr. Jones was occupied with other tasks as a program manager at Rockwell and Boeing.

In early 2014, the partners of Space Finance Group, LLC (SFG), under the encouragement of Jay Wittner, reached out to Ron to discuss the potential of producing a new revision of the original plan.  Mr. Wittner recognized the power and importance of the plan to publicize, educate, and inspire the public and to assist those involved in space development in discovering needs and opportunities for space development and commercial activity.  Joining with Ron, SFG created Integrated Space Analytics, LLC (ISA) to spearhead a Kickstarter project to fund development of a new, up to date edition of the plan.  ISA's charter is expanded to create a live, interactive online version of the plan.

SFG, in its effort to create an equity fund for space development, needed a research and data analysis company to collect financial and operational information with industry developments to assist in evaluating investment opportunities.  Since creation of the online plan involves substantial research, data collection and analysis, this was an opportunity for synergism.  This website is the beginning of that latter project.