2017 Integrated Space Plan Kickstarter Campaign

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2017-02-24 to 2017-04-13

Our small team provides the most detailed long term view of our future in space available.  It's critical that people and our political leaders understand the future potential of space.  We've never gotten any government funding for this and we've been working hard at it for the last 4 years.  If you care about space we need your support for this effort.

This campaign is to further update and expand the Integrated Space Plan (ISP), and bring the updated ISP to the world through beautiful large color posters and the internet like we did back in 2015.  This time we're also going to create an ISP for kids and we're going to distribute copies of the posters to schools, libraries and leaders in government & industry.  We're also going to make our website much more fun and easier to use.

Due to breakthroughs in reusable rocket technology compliments of Jeff Bezos & Elon Musk, breakthrough legislation by Congress, and visionaries like Al Globus & Charles Miller...the new ISP will show large space settlements far sooner than the previous version.

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Integrated Space Plan
Space development
The New Integrated Space Plan logo
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