ISP Contributors and Kickstarter Backers

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Many people have helped create, improve, and promote the Integrated Space Plan over the years beginning with version 1.0, published in 1989 and distributed by Rockwell International and others.

From the beginning many people and organizations contributed their knowledge, effort, ideas, and suggestions to help make the Integrated Space Plan a success, starting before 1989 and continuing to the present. We acknowledge some of the major ones below, but there have been many more who are not shown here.

Bringing back the Integrated Space Plan would not have been possible without the help of the 434 Backers who supported our Kickstarter campaign in 2014.  We'd like to thank and honor them.  Below are listed our largest backers.

Finally, over two decades ago, when the Integrated Space Plan was initially conceived, two people provided inspiration and guidance which became the catalyst for the creation of the ISP.  We'd like to thankfully acknowledge the contributions of R. Fred Pfost and Ed Repic. to version 1.0.

Contributors to the ISPKickstarter Backers
Buzz AldrinRosanne Baldino
Fred BeckerNate Bezanson
Gregory BenfordEric Clough
Gary BickfordStian Davidsen
David BrinJonathan Driegert
Tyler BrownCarsten Erickson
Scott BryantJames Gholston
Joseph CarrollDave Howard
Gay CanoughSteven Jorgenson
Eric CloughJordan Katz
Brett EcksteinMichael Laine
Dani EderRonnie Lajoie
Martyn FoggMichael Lyle
George FriedmanKaben Nanlohy
Paul HorioNational Space Society
Neil HutchinsonKnut Ronning Nesvik
Ron JonesJim Rohrich
Margaret JordanScott Shjefte
Steven JorgensonSpace Angels Network
Douglas KellyDavid Thompson
J. LassmannMargaret Tribble
Michael MichaudDerek Tweedy
Jill Steele MayerJay Wittner
Leonard MeyerhoffMarilyn Wittner
Mary Lou Nickles
Larry Niven
J. Post
Josh Powers
Rod Pyle
Carol Luckhardt Redfield
Claude Roy
L. Elliot Shubert
Greg Skruch
Jeff Smith
Jeffrey Smith
Robert Staehle
Charles L. Stone
John Strickland
Paul Turner
Madhu Thangavelu
Monica Tull
G.R. Volkenandt
Robert Waldron
Harvey Wasiuta
David Webb
Todd Wise
Jay Wittner