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Interplanetary Ion Propulsion IKAROS Solar Sail Test (JAXA) Solar Powered Electric Propulsion Demo Raptor Methane Engine (SpaceX) MXER Orbital Transfer Tether VASIMR Operational Satellite Tether Transport Experiment Nuclear Electric Propulsion Nuclear Thermal Propulsion HEDM Chemical Propulsion MDRE Capability Fusion Propulsion Earth-Mars Cycling Transport Antimatter Propulsion Crewed Flight to Jupiter Moons: Europa Callisto Ganymede Crewed Flight to Saturn Moons: Titan Enceladus Human Exploration of Uranus System Human Exploration of Neptune/Pluto Habitat Propulsion System Integration Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Lunar Prospector Deep Space One Mars Odyssey Orbiter Mars Opportunity Rover Mars Spirit Rover Mars Recon. Orbiter Phoenix Lander Lunar Recon. Orbiter DAWN (Vesta & Ceres) L CROSS Lunar (NASA) Mars Curiosity Science Lab LADEE - Lunar Atmos. Expl. Rosetta Comet Mission Mars MAVEN Mars Orbiter Mission (ISRO) New Horizons Pluto Exomars Orbiter Mars InSight Lander Asteroid Assay Missions OSIRIS-REX Asteroid Sample Hyabusa 2 (Sample Return) ExoMars Rover Sentinel - Asteroid Mapping Lunar CATALYST Mars 2020 Rover (NASA) EXOLANCE JUICE Ganymede Orbiter Asteroid Redirect Mission BepiColombo Mercury Europa Clipper (NASA) Phobos Sample Analysis Mars Sample Return Comet Nucleus Sample Return Probe to Callisto (Jupiter Moon) Titan/Saturn System (NASA) Probe to Enceladus (Saturn Moon) Neptune Orbiter Uranus Orbiter & Probe Europa Surface Probe Asteroid Deflect Mission Mars ISRU Proof of Concept Venus Sci. Atmosphere / Surface Stations Chandrayaan 1 (India) Chang e 2 Lunar (CNSA) Voyager I at Solar Sys. Edge GRAIL Lunar Gravity Mapper Google Lunar X-Prize Rovers Chang e 3 / Jade Rabbit Rover Chang e 4 (CNSA) SELENE-2 Lunar Expl. Chandrayaan 2 (ISRO) Chang e 5 (CNSA) Luna-Glob 2 (RUS) Moon Orbiter/Lander (South Korea) Luna-Grunt (Sample Return) SELENE 3 1st Interstellar Exoplanet Probe Interstellar Precursor Mission Suborbital Research Ops. Hubble Space Telescope Partially Closed Component CELSS Spitzer Space Telescope Plant & Animal Micro G Research High Energy Transient Explorer Biological & Materials Research First CubeSat Deployed Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Obsvr. Mission ISS Based EOS Operations CRATER Cosmic Ray Telescope Kepler Planet Finding Astronomy Lunar Laser Comm. Demo. Herschel Space Observ. Microgravity 3D Printing EOS / Hyperspectral Imaging VASIMR Testing On ISS Self Assembling Sys. Research IRIS Solar Storm Research MetNet Atmos. Science Mars Additive Manufacturing Applications Research Adv. Life Support Research Kuafu Space Weather (CNSA) Advanced 3D-Printing Component Integration Microgravity Cryogenic Refueling Advanced Spacesuit James Webb Space Telescope Radiation Mitigation Materials Research Advanced Global Orbit Object Tracking Drug Absorption Research EOS / Ultraspectral Imaging Variable G Bio-Medical Facility Lunar Robotic Bootstrapping Cargo Asteroid Resource Catalog ArcM Asteroid Capture Mission Advanced Telerobotic Surface Exploration Lunar Dust Mitigation SSP LEO Technology Demonstrator PLATO Observatory Virtual Presence Via Telerobotics Industry / Univ. Research Facilities SSP LEO 200KW Demo. Waste Mgmt & Recycling Lunar Farside Radio Telescope Sterling Engine SSP GEO 10MW Demo. ATLAST 16m L2 Telescope Reliable Closed Loop Life Support Lunar Elevator Single Strand In-Space Rescue & Security Nanotech Space Applications SSP 1st Full Scale GEO 500MW Platform Genetically Engineered Space-Hardy Organisms Lunar Mass-Driver Cargo Launcher Lunar Asteroid Prospecting Lunar Optical & Radio Astronomy Phobos Robotic Bootstrapping Mission SSP GEO Full Scale 2 000 MW Mars EMU Spacesuit R&D Mars Robotic Bootstrapping Payload NEO Asteroid / Comet Utilization Planetary Defense System L4 & L5 Resource Analysis Advanced Fractional G and P Biological Research Tethered Systems Farside Astronomical / SETI Array Mars Gradiometry Mission Solar Concentrator Facility Earth Rotovator Immersive VR Control System Earth/Space Elevator Construction Metallic Asteroid Reconfiguration AU Length Interferometer Ultra Low Temp. Sci/Eng Lunar Rail Transport Active Radiation Shielding/w EM Fields Lunar Based SSP Plant Production Deep Space High Risk Laboratory Unity Node 1 PMA 1 PMA 2 Waste Removal (De-Orbit) ISS Truss Deployment PMA 3 Destiny (US Lab Module) Canadarm 2 (SSRMS) Robotic Arm Mobile Sys. Harmony (Node 2) Columbus (European Lab) JEM-PM Poisk Mini Res. Module Cupola/Tranquility Node 3 Leonardo (PMM) Truss Structure Complete CubeSat Launch Ability On Orbit 3D Printing BEAM Expandable Module Nauka (Multipurpose Lab) Medical Lab Module European Robotic Arm BA 330 Inflatable Manufacturing Module Rovers Explore Lunar Poles Lunar Communications Network Deployed Lunar Spacesuit Water Processed From Lunar Ice Habitation & Res. Modules Lunar Dust Mitigation Large Scale Ice Mining In Situ LLOX Production Unit Lunar Biomech. Spacesuit Surface Nuclear Power Fractional G Bio-Med. Lab Lunar Medical Lab Lunar Food Production Glass/Ceramic/Alloy Manufacturing Large Inflatable Habitat Solar Cell & Support Structure Manufacturing L1 Absolute Containment Facility Lunar Tourism Emerges Lunar Hotel Opens Lunar Lava Tube Outpost Autonomous Lunar Mining Phobos Recon-Prospecting Mars Surface Vehicle LMO Logistics Depot Surface Ops / Exploration Habitation & Res. Modules Phobos Propellant Extraction/Storage Phobos Mining Operations Phobos Fuel Mfg Pilot Phobos Fuel/Logist. Depot Water Prod. & Storage Propellant Prod. & Storage Extended Mars Exploration Mars Polar Region Explor. Long-Range Mars Vehicle Mars Industrial Park Mars Surface Rescue Cap. Mars Global Transportation Capability Mars Tourism Begins Mag. Launch/Retrieval Human Mainbelt Asteroid Exploration Mainbelt Asteroid Utilization Multiple Mars Settlements Shift Deimos to Mars Synchronous Orbit Mars Terraforming Platform Deimos Elevator Martian Orbiting Skyhook Mars Elevator ILN Surface Nodes Expanded Fitness Facilities Lunar-Specific Astronomical Sci. Lunar Bio. & Habitat Res. Lunar Base Area Paving Lunar Rec Facility Human Interstellar Expansion International Space Station (ISS) LEO International Spaceport Operational (ISS) Earth-Moon L1 Facility Established International & Commercial Robotic Lunar Exploration International Human Lunar Exploration International Lunar Outpost Established Lunar Permanent Presence Near-Self Supporting Lunar Polar Base L1 Facilities Expanded for Cislunar Traffic Increase US Next Generation LEO Space Station L1 Spaceport Expansion Phobos/Deimos Outpost Human Landing on Mars Mars Outpost Phobos/Deimos Martian Spaceport Mars Base Permanent Presence Mars Base Permanent Presence Near-Self Supporting Mars Base Island One Habitat Construction L4/L5 Ceres Asteroid Outpost Established Initiate Island One Habitation L4/L5 Initiate Island Two Habitation L4/L5 Multiple Settlement Construction L4/L5 Initial Mars Terraforming Independent Spacefaring Human Communities Large Scale Human Habitation of Mars Station EMU Zarya (FGB) Zvezda (Service Module) Begin ISS Solar Array External Stowage Platform Quest ( Joint Airlock) Pirs (Docking/Airlock) ESP 2 JEM Logistics Module ATV For ISS Resupply (ESA) Dextre (SPDM - Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator) JEM-RMS - Arm ISS Solar Arrays Complete JEM-EF Express Logistics Carriers 1 & 2 Rassvet (MRM-1) Express Logistics Carrier 3 Express Logistics Carrier 4 CASIS ISS Commences Activities Nodal Module (UDM) High L/D Sample Return Capability ISS 3D Printing/Repair Cryogenic Propellent Storage Capability LEO Satellite Refueling Capability Automated Navigation / Rendezvous/Docking Advanced MMU Lunar Orbit Communication Satellites Lunar Communications / Navigation/GPS Network LLOX Test / Pilot Plant Regolith Mover Crewed SR Lunar Rover LLOX Production & Cryo. Storage Facility 3D-Printed Lunar Habitats Crewed MR Lunar Rover Closed Loop Life Support System MMW Solar/Fission Power Regolith Moving and Mining Operations Solar Electric Grid Distribution System Geophysical Station Network ATHLETE - Manned Rover Lunar Solar Panel Manufacturing Lunar Material Based SSP Construction Process L1 Hotel Mars Rover Teleoperation Phobos Soil Processing Furnace Mars Biomechanical Spacesuit Mars Aero Assist System Integrated Mars Transfer System 3D-Printed Mars Habitats In Situ Radiation Shielding MMW Fission Power Generator LMO Docking Ports & Arm Mars Medical Lab LOX Production Unit All-Terrain MPR Transport MMW Solar Power Gener. Closed Loop Life Support Mars Base Maintenance Facility Large Volume Pressurized Assembly Facility Geophysical/Weather Stations Martian Food Production Methane Production Crewed Mission To Ceres Multiple Scientific Outposts Mars Orbital Environmental Satellites Dark Soil/Solar Reflector Lunar Electric Cargo Vehicle Mobile Crane Utility Flatbed Lunar Base Maintenance Facility Lunar Surface H2O Tankers Long Range Lunar Rover Remote Lunar Outposts Tracking & Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) Advanced Earth GPS ISS Crew Return Vehicle Capability Manned Maneuvering Unit Advanced TDRS Tiangong-1 Space Station DSCOVR Deep Space Climate Observatory Tiangong-3 Space Station 1st Unit Interplanetary Internet SpaceX Launch Site Brownsville TX New Russian Cosmodrome Suborbital Space Tourism DragonLab Research & Manufacturing Next Generation Weather/Climate Sats. Commercial LEO Research Facility Space Debris Removal Capability GEO Satellite Refueling & Support Near Earth Asteroid Mining Begins LEO Station Fuel & Logistics Depot Commercial Lunar ISRU Research Tiangong Station Completed Hotel In LEO Deep Space Vehicle Assembly In-Space Nanotech Materials Mfg. Resource / Momentum Reservoir Lunar Transfer Vehicle Capability LEO Quarantine Mars Aerobrake Capability HLV-Derived Wet/Dry Workshops HLV-Derived Platforms & Facilities LEO Large Volume Pressurized Hangar HEO Fuel/Logistics Depot Habitat Advanced Solar Flare Warning System Ore Extraction & Regolith Processing Orbital Industrial Park - LEO ISRU Habitat Construction Outbound Contaminant Reduction Facility Helium 3 Mining Begins Food Production In Orbit Orbital Industrial Park - HEO HEO SSP Production Facilities HEO Expanded Logistics Depot Habitat Regolith Catcher & Low Thrust Tug China Lunar Base Operational Water Extracted from NEA s at L1 Lunar Electronics Mfg. Livestock Food Production He3 Commercial Export Lunar Industrial Park LEO International Space University HEO Industrial Hub Factories in HEO 2:1/GEO Earth-Mars Comm Network Deployment. Mars Comm-Nav-GPS Network Deployment Advanced Mars Laser Communications Network Expanded HEO Industrial Capability Lunar Backup Copy of Earth Data MDRE Asteroid Orbit Change Asteroid Habitats Mars Backup of Earth Data Sports Arenas on the Moon Mars Hotel Opens Significant L4/L5 Industrial Capability Expanding L4/L5 Industrial Community Lunar Earth-Facing Communication Facility Lunar Human Low G Flight Recreation U.S. Space Shuttle Ariane 5 Sea Launch H-2A (Japan) Proton M Atlas 5 (ULA) Delta 4 Heavy (ULA) Falcon I First Flight Long March 3B Zenit 3 SLB X-37B (USAF) Zenit 3F Falcon 9 V1.0 Dragon (Cargo) Angara 5 (Russia) Antares Falcon 9 V1.1 Orion Test Flight on Delta 4 Heavy Long March 5 Falcon 9 Reusable First Stage Falcon Heavy StratoLaunch First Flight Orion-MPCV (Lockheed) Dragon V2 (Crewed) Skylon Spaceplane SSTO SLS First Flight CST-100 (Boeing) Air Launch XCOR Virgin Galactic Man-Rated Atlas V Vulcan (ULA) H-3 (JAXA) Dream Chaser Operational SLS First Crewed Flight Ariane 6 Reusable Falcon Heavy /w Methane Engines Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage for Vulcan Reusable Crew Launcher Earth-to-Orbit RLV PTV Fleet Ops Upgraded SLS Hybrid EM 1st Stage Earth-to-LEO Catapult EM Fully Reusable Spaceplanes Laser Launch HASTOL Hypersonic Aircraft/Tether Orbital Airships Earth/Space Elevator Operational Air Force EELV RD-180 Motor Replacement LightSail 1 Solar Sail Demo. Asteroid Retrieval Vehicle Lunar Lander (ESA) OTV/STV Chemical S-M-L LEO Cargo Module for OTV/STV & Lander LEO Cryo. Module for OTV/STV & Lander LEO Crew Module for OTV/STV & Lander LEO S-M-L Electric OTV/STV - LEO HLV Cislunar & Deep Space Capability Reusable Lunar Lander S-M-L L1 OTV/STV - Chemical S-M-L Cargo Module for OTV/STV & Lander L1 Cryo. Module for OTV/STV & Lander L1 Crew Module for OTV/STV & Lander L1 L1 OTV/STV - Electric S-M-L Red Dragon to Mars (SpaceX) E/M Reusable Electric Cargo Vehicle E/M Reusable Chemical Injection Veh. Crew Module For Transit to Mars OTV/STV Chemical S-M-L Phobos Cargo Module for OTV/STV & Landers Phobos Cryo. Module for OTV/STV and Lander Phobos Crew Module for OTV/STV & Lander Phobos OTV/STV Electric S-M-L Phobos Reusable Mars Lander S-M-L Earth-Mars Solar Sail Transport Sys. Earth-Moon Cycling Transport OTV/STV Chemical S-M-L Ceres Cargo Module for OTV/STV & Lander Ceres Cryo. Module for OTV/STV & Lander Ceres Crew Module for OTV/STV & Lander Ceres OTV/STV Electric S-M-L Ceres Space Frontier Foundation Into Mystery Kickstarter - toward a new global community National Space Society - International Space Development Conference, May 8-22, 2016 Space Finance Group Bright Plaza - Internet Security and Privacy, and the Drive Trust Alliance Instrumentation Technology Associates builds space-proven hardware BioSpace Experiments makes advanced flight hardware Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships, Inc. builds teams Liberation Advances supports space development Odin Prosjekt - multidisciplinary consulting, project management