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Review of the Past 6 Months or So

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It's Time To Take Dogs Into Space - Again

Dogs have gone with us everywhere for 33,000 years. It's time to bring them back to space, with us. Dogs were the first "higher" animals to go into space and be recovered alive, and the first animal to orbit the earth. This honor, adventure, and example of the symbiotic relation between dogs and humans has not been repeated since the 1960s. It is time for us to remedy that situation.

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We Have Been Mining Asteroids for Years, Just Not in Space - But That Will Have to Change

Experts and laypeople have been discussing the potential, the risks, and the economics of asteroid mining for a long time.  What most people don't realize is that we've been mining asteroids all along.  But up until now, we've been able to get by with the previous deliveries from space; now we need to consider a new delivery system as the stockpiles are reduced, and the impact on our living space becomes increasingly important.  Mining of asteroids and the Moon _will_ become an essential part of our civilization, unless it collapses before we get there.

Peering into the Mind of God: Are we built to venture beyond the Heliosphere? With a look at the physics of 0.71c

The following story was written by Dan Teodor, originally for use here on the ISA website.  It's a bit outside our pure informational fare so I'm posting it as a blog entry for Dan.  It is amusing, but also has good information about some of the physics involved in interstellar travel and survival in space.  Dan has also posted this on his oil & gas investing blog, since we were slow to put it on here.  Enjoy! - and check out his blog at  - garyb

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