About ISA

Integrated Space Analytics was created by the Space Finance Group teaming up with Ron Jones in 2014 to revive the Integrated Space Plan and expand its use as both an educational tool and a business resource. ISA conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014 to fund the extensive research, redesign, printing, and online development of the updated Integrated Space Plan.We will be posting an online version of the new ISP soon. and printed copies can be purchased through our Store.  We will continue to update and add new features to the Integrated Space Plan and will be expanding our community and other resources, so visit our website often.

Following the popular education and inspirational purpose of the Integrated Space Plan, Integrated Space Analytics can extend that original printed poster concept to a live, interactive online visualization tool, allowing visitors to view the history and the potential of space in a variety of ways. ISA will be providing free public access to much of the data we have available both directly and through the Semantic Web protocols.